Trees and Shrubs

Shade Trees and Ornamental Trees– Let us help you decide which tree will provide the perfect shady cover for a picnic, best limb for a tire swing, or natural habitat for nesting Waxwings. Every shade tree that we carry has different qualities, such as growth rate, canopy shape and size, and leaf size so let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect tree for you. We carry all kinds from the traditional Linden or Maple to the more unusual Eastern Redbud and Weeping Mulberries.

Fruit Trees– Imagine having the ability to go into your back yard and pick a perfectly ripe apple, peach, pear, plum, or cherry. We carry varieties of these fruit trees that do best in Colorado’s climate and allow you to have your own homegrown produce. We can help ensure many years of successful harvest by picking the right tree for you yard and discussing such factors as pollinators and pruning techniques.

Evergreens– These beauties are sought out for their year-round color and form. The can range in size, from a tiny Dwarf Mugo (3’) to a towering Colorado Blue Spruce (30′-40′). The Loveland Garden Center has a large inventory of evergreens to choose from as well as a knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right tree for your needs.


Shrubs– These deciduous plants provide so much structure and beauty to a landscape. From the huge dramatic flowering shrubs, like our Hydrangea, to the petite ‘Tom Thumb’ Cotoneaster. We have just the right accent you need to make your landscape really pop. Some shrubs are known to attract bees, butterflies, or birds and some are sought out for their thorns, foliage color or berries. We have a large inventory of all of the above so come check them out.


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