Indoor Foliage

We love helping our customers find the perfect plant for any indoor location that they have.  From living rooms, bathroom, or offices space, we have a little green, air cleaning machine for you!



Houseplants– These include a large variety of plants that have been bred to stay indoors.  Most of them need little to no light and thrive with minimal care.  They also will filter toxins out of the air and add a bit of freshness to any space in you home or office.  We carry tiny little 2″ guys as well as large trees, and hanging baskets.  Ask an employee to help you find your perfect match.  

List of toxins removed from the environment by common houseplants.



Air Plants– These easy to care for plants are perfect for the novice gardener.  Tillandsia come in all shapes and sizes and just need a little indirect sunlight to stay happy.  You can spritz these daily with water or soak them every couple of weeks, depending on the humidity in the air.  Place in terrariums, hanging globes or air plant holders.


Cacti and Succulents– These drought tolerant cuties are in high demand these days.  We have succulents and cacti in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Known for their ability to be a little neglected, they make a perfect plant for someone who’s not into babying their plants.  We get new shipments of these guys regularly and also carry cacti and succulent potting soil.

Citrus Trees- Imagine harvesting a sweet orange from your very own citrus tree!  These beauts like a full sun window in the fall/winter and can be placed outside during our Colorado summers.  We can help you feed and care for these trees so they will continue producing for you for many years.

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